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Team Bodysurf Portugal

On the way back from the European Championship in France , the team of Bodysurf Portugal was received by Vagueirudos with the traditional dinner reception to get to know the local customs …
The waves were keen to join the party.
The photos below show the day after session and what unites us around this neck of the woods – Praia da Vagueira Beach; ) good vibes.

Thanks to Luís Rosas by getting the grill ready in no time (Restaurante Flor da Praia).

cenoura surfista

Waterhouse testing

... shitty lens...great day

water sessions

Sunset Speed Blur Sessions

Mário Pandeirada on one of the classic sunsets.


Magic Corner

Some days are just classic. A different perspective from the surf.

praia da barra

Enjoy the ride

A small and great session @ Praia da Barra


Shark Attack

After Mick's shark attack in JBay the guys have been looking for fins on the lineup.

Agnelo would mostly use his teeth to get away from any shark attack.

Has been seen around bitting some sardines, not too far way from this spot.