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There are 3 different options: Magazine (A4) and Hardcover book in 2 different Sizes; MEDIUM - A4 (21x29,7cm) and a smaller compact version; SMALL - A5 (14,8x21cm).Printed on demand.

* Notes on link checkout:
– Set recipient country;
– Set currency and preferred language (bottom right of page);
– Follow steps to choose category/size/quantity;
– Add delivery address;
– Post price will be calculated according to destination;
– Review your order;
– Payment (paypal/debit/credit cards);
– Allow 4/5 days to print production + 5 to 7 days for delivery.

Order from me

Shipping from UK
POST PRICES for Hardcover A5 and Magazine A4:
USA: 10€ (euros), AUS: 12€ (euros), Europe : 9€ (euros), UK: 5€ (euros), French Polynesia: 14€ (euros).
5 to 7 working days delivery time after getting them from supplier (+/-5days).

For the A4 Hardcover version, shipping directly from print supplier will be a better option for most of locations around the world, please confirm rate at checkout before payment.
Shipping from uk – POST PRICES for Hardcover A4:
USA: 16€ (euros), AUS: 18€ (euros), Europe : 15€ (euros), UK: 5€ (euros), French Polynesia: 22€ (euros).
5 to 7 working days delivery time after getting them from supplier (+/-5days).

There’s a economy international delivery with a flat rate of 13€ (euros), and will take a few weeks to get to destination; 2 weeks to europe and up to 8 weeks outside europe. If you’re not in a rush this is the best option.
In any case get in touch to confirm post amount when ordering directly through me.

A note for friends in Tahiti and other remote places, if post is expensive from printer supplier, could send that order from UK. Please get in touch.
Payments can be done through paypal or bank tranfer (please request bank details if needed).
For combine orders to same address will confirm post cost.

Include in paypal payment message the following details:
publication type wanted: (Mag/Book A4/A5), and full delivery address.
Message me though facebook if you need any further information.